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Wow. I had no idea it really existed and it’s only 15 miles from where I grew up. I guess w all the areas around Tulsa ie bixby owasso sand springs sapulpa etc it’s easy to lose a few here and there. My cousin went to Rogers. I went to McLain and my wife went to Hale. Call centers! I worked at dish Network and allorica. My mother in law worked at DirecTV forever. I ended up in Tahlequah from bartlesville to get away from the city. I live 5 minutes from tenkiller and 10 from the Illinois river. There are quite a few Okies on here.

He’ll, make a clone and see what happens with the Tanning bed.

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I’m not sure why you responded to me with that link? The only study proven on uv lighting with cannabis is with uvb, it looks like bulbs you want to use are uva. Even then, it showed a 3-5% increase in thc. That means an increase from 24% thc to 25% thc, not from 24% thc to 27-29% thc. In my experience, people couldn’t tell the difference anyway.

The bigger picture is that uv light alone won’t give you the best results in growing cannabis.

light strong enough to burn human skin…will do same for other living things…like plants.

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Well I made it back. Sorry it took so long. I sent that link because it was all I could find and I was curious to see if I was missing very much. I do have other lights probably better lights I have a Sun system light light 315 LEC That is my primary in addition I’m also using several 4 foot LED grow lights but as time goes by and I add To the total number of plants I have it requires more space and more lights I had an old tanning bed sitting around taking up space because it’s summer and I go outside…
I went ahead and added it on the end of my grow room on one side at a slight angle and each morning when I give them their breakfast I flip the light on and set the timer. They are tolerating it really well I run it twice a dayAt the end of the day right at lights out is when I give nutrients (Theory is they use them better at night) I know I need to break down to get another sun lite just holding out on that expense…
Another ? I’m trying to decide if Setting them out side in the sun is good for them. I’ve been doing it but I’ve heard people say you should not move plants around seems to make them healthier and happier we just got a watch out for wind gusts and insects this time of year. I have a rack I set them on and I’m trying to ensure the roots stay healthy. Gives My girls a chance to air out.
In your experience am I helping or harming them ?
I really appreciate everyone’s input. ! I included a picture of white widow my baby Kem dogs that I’ve started and the basic layout this morning of my grow room.
I will Try to put up more pictures later todayimage|666x500

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Ive moved plants indoor outdoor and they enjoyd the sunbaths. My indoor light was inadequate. BUT! I got an infestation going into flower. Wasnt worth the hassle. If you do, then i highly recommend you implement preventative bug strategies. Food grade DE in soil. Capt Jack’s dead bug. Daily leaf-by-leaf inspections. The whole shebang.


The 315w cmh should provide all the uva UVB the plants need. I run a single 315w cmh in a 2c3 space with great results

Good to know Hornhead

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don’t know if I’m doing this right. If so just one question, could be information over load we will see ( i hope ) Is it ok to start my seedlings under a kind k3 600 led light

BEAVER COUNTY!! I got friends up there.

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Isn’t that in the pan handle? My niece grew up in Hooker I think, in Beaver county. We used to go pick her up in Woodward. That was like the halfway point.

Yep, i had some freinds there way back when. Nice place.

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