Signs of N toxicity?

This is a Do si Dos about 3 and a half weeks old and I may have transplanted it prematurely as it wasn’t even root bound. I transplanted it on Jan 15th. So 5 days ago

So this is what it looks like now. This is a sign of a toxicity right? FFHF soil has always been hot for me so im not surprised. Seem to be growing decent regardless. How much should I be worried?

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Not toxicity… seems like a deficiency…if its starting at the bottom, it’s mobile nutrient but need to know more about what you are feeding? what kind of water? Water pH? temps?

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I agree with cali if it was N toxicity they would get really dark and could claw if bad enough. I think it’s just the new plant parts eating the older parts and will be fine once the roots stretch out into the new soil. This is my guess without having all the info cali is asking for to give you a proper diagnosis


Isn’t the new growth dark tho? It was a lighter color in the day of transplant. This what it looked like on day of transplant

There is clawing on the bottom nodes my mistake for not including that.

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’ Nitrogen toxicity will make your leaves super dark green… I really think it’s magnesium deficiency. Try adding about 1/8 teaspoon of. Epsom salt per gallon of water an and fill out the support ticket so we can better help


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