Side Project Help

Hey guys

I’m growing some Autos from ILGM mainly in a tent and everything is going decent. But as a side project to keep myself from watching them grow (unreal how fast!) I started some “mistery seeds” collected over time. They’re photos that I plan on sexing later. All in FFHF, ph’d water etc and going well except for this one. Can anyone identify why this one plant has had this leaf shriveling look to its leaves? Since its first few days, same thing

Nitrogen toxicity and leaf looks like PH is off do soil slurry PH test. Warp comes from PH issues

They’re Quadruplets all have had the same thing, soil, ph’d water etc. etc.

I’m thinking over watering. But its strange. No nutes.

I’ve had that happen to a few of mine. Think it’s a genetic thing. Usually after the first few nodes they stop doing that