Shrooms - smoking, drying & storage

I saw a post on another site where someone dried and ground their ps.cubensis and smoked it. I just picked a big bag full out of a cow pasture and thought I would try that. But done want to waist it if it’s not good.
I’m very new at this and haven’t tried shrooms in about 25 years. Here’s my questions. I appreciate your answers.

1). Are ALL shrooms ps. cubensis that’s taken out of cow patties regardless of size, shape and color variation?
2). Is smoking them as effective?
3). Im drying them in the oven at 175• when I store them will they always be potent and as effective?

Thank you!

i doubt all shrooms from cow patties are the same species. fresh cubensis stem should turn blue when bruised. i hope that helps.
i dont know about smoking shrooms but they taste good. :slight_smile:
also i dont know about heat drying them. why not just let them dry in open air or low humidity conditions like with a dehumidifier?

I use to love shrooms😎

Not smoking. Eat.

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There is a thread around here somewhere… with a few shroom heads. Id use the search and go pick their brains. Pretty cool dudes

Found it. Ooh hooo ohhh flashback or something similar. @Budbrother was there

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Maybe you were looking for this…


Never let them see light or force dry them waste of semesobine…spelled all wrong I’m sure but what makes you trip…an fire is a no no won’t do what you want it to

If you break the stems and they turn inky black, they are ps ! Don Juan smoked dried mushrooms and called it little smoke, happy trails!

Fire kills semesobine emediatly you will get no high or trip that way promise…but we all learn by doing not listening lol part of being human

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Please do not eat them unless you are 100% certain and can identify what species of mushroom they actually are. Send in photos to a board that deals specifically with shrooms (shroomery would be a good place to check).

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