Shriveled autoflowers/Yumboldt

started two yumboldt autos they are now about four days old, they shrunk though from heat or another problem. i transferred from egg cartons to pots one has a humidity dome.also my temperature/humidity is broken. i added diatamaceous earth to soil encourage root growth.and i moved them a foot and a half away from light.please help is there a way to recover? been fed light nutes cal mag only. two photos from day three of being planted. then day five.

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I suggest getting them in a proper cannabis soil and water them much less. Overwatering will kill cannabis seedlings. Cannabis prefers to be soaked and then expects the soil to be dried out before watering again. I wouldn’t be giving seedlings more than a ml of water a day at most. Better yet, put a clear solo cup over the seedlings and mist inside of the dome a couple of times each day. Cannabis doesn’t have a tap root when it first sprouts and must get its moisture from humidity in the air, so a clear dome will help. No need to even water the soil with a clear dome for a week or two.

thanks. plants got so tiny the root mustve shriveled too. ill have to try again

I just noticed that you have multiple seedlings in each pot. This is a mistake. Cannabis can get large and the roots will become entangled. I suggest one plant per pot.

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