Shredders first grow, Green crack fem, Zkittlez fem, GDP Autos and random gg#4

Hey everyone welcome to my first grow journal and my first ever grow!

The Ladies - 2 Green Crack fems, Zkittlez fem, and a bag seed which I believe is GG#4, also have 2 Grand Daddy Purple Autos germing

The Gear

  • 4x4 ohuhu tent
  • 600 watt MH/HPS Viviosun light
  • 6in Viviosun inline fan with carbon filter
  • Multible desk fans
  • Dehumidifier/Humidifier
  • Viviosun Ph meter
  • Ph 4.0/7.0 cal and Up/Down
  • Fox Farm Happy Frog

Green Cracks and Zkittlez (planted July 11th)

Green Cracks, the one in the back fell (lessons learned)


GG#4 (planted July 21st)

All advice and feedback welcome


Looking good! Keep it up. Only thing I would say is the ph meter from vivosun and most on Amazon are cheap and won’t last long. Make sure to calibrate that meter more frequent to keep from adding the wrong ph water. When able to upgrade I’d go with either a blue lab (very expensive but will last) or an apera ph 20 is a decent one at a pretty good price point.

Also being autos they usually suggest to put the plant in its final pot at the beginning. Autos have an extremely short veg period and you want to get all the growth you can during that window. When you repot into a larger pot it can stall the plant taking some of that precious time!

I personally have not grown autos yet as I still have free bag seeds that are working out just fine. Good luck and happy growing!

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Thanks for stopping by @JWhistler. The grand daddy purp autos will be planted into 3 gallon fabric pots once they are done germing and yeah the ph meter is cheap, definitely plan on upgrading as soon as possible.

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Sounds good. I’ll stop
In and check on you. If you need help feel free to tag me. If I don’t know the answer I know someone who will.

Seems to be a little stretching. How far away is your light? And can you move it any closer without burning them? I use leds so not sure how close you you can get without being to hot.

I have the light set to 250watts with the MH bulb in

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And yes I can move it closer

Just keep an eye on them. If they continue to stretch I would adjust the light closer. You can hold your hand out just above the plant for about a minute. If it gets hot it’s too close. (I may be telling you stuff you already know, if so my apologies)

Welcome I’ll tag along if you don’t mind I’d like to see the MH progress, looking good :+1:

I’ll keep an eye on them and no need to apologize, the more times I hear it the more I remember haha.

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Thanks and nah I don’t mind at all, really liking the community here.


Very good forum ,very informative and helpfu,l good people👌

Just finished 5 random bag seeds


Nice harvest it’s like some weight :+1:

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Got 25 oz. way more than I thought possible. This forum is the only reason I made it to the end. Find some friends and ask questions as you go! I’m a few months out before I try another grow. Too hot atm. So I’ll be set to watching for a little while.


Well been busy today the GDP Autos got there tap roots over night and went into there final homes, 3 gallon fabric pots, I adjusted a few things in the tent to fit the to other plants, the one Green Crack Pheno is looking good as well as the Zkittlez pheno, the one GC that fell over early on is still holding onto life but is small and finally the one random GG#4 seedling is doing its thing.


Anyone know what’s up with the one leaf? All others are fine

Transplanted the zkittles and green crack photos into 3 gallon pots and gave them there first feeding, 1/2 gallon each ph’ed at 6.3 started with 1/4 of nutes, using the Floria grow, micro and bloom, gave slightly less of the bloom.


If in soil I believe your pH should be 6.5

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The two transplanted girls seem to be doing well as far as I can tell being a beginner and the two GDP autos are doin there thing.

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I’ve always heard that 6.1- 6.7 is the number to shoot for.