Shouldn’t all topics end here

Kind of joking, but not. Shouldn’t all topics end further discussion right where this one is currently sitting? Lol


Hi @Tastebuds! Thanks for stopping by my journal :grimacing:

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I grew a mixed DWC and coco coir grow, with excellent results. Found the DWC to be more work than the coco coir, was reading your post and got to the end and said “well isn’t that just perfect”
Thanking everyone for the help and it’s comment #420


I would not have ever even noticed … :joy:

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Me either @Southerngal, nice catch @Tastebuds.


Sorry got to post a bug, to do a Google bug look up. I need to know what this joker is.

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Omg… Google Picture look up, is calling the above picture a freaking Fig Leaf. Google is so Blind. Lmao!!!

Ok, it’s a KATYDID. And it will eat your Plants !!! Oh it will sting you too… Unless held like the above picture.