Should I top a second time? Also, nutrients?

Hi everyone! New grower here, first time, outdoor in a fabric pot, central California, 30 days old sour D, fox farm soil…

I’ve already topped her once, my question is should I top her again? If so, where ? (I’m guessing I’m now gonna top the two main shoots created by initial topping).

Also, should I use nutes? If so when?

Any help is greatly appreciated…

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@myfriendis410 my fellow Central Californian!! I can tell you know your stuff any help here will be greatly appreciated!! :call_me_hand:t3:

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No nutes, get a PH and TDS pen (digital) to monitor. Make sure you have cal mag on hand, outdoor or indoor?

To top multiple times you have to have root mass to match canopy. If you top too many times you will end up with larfy loose flower. That said I’d top one more time.

Sour Diesel is a great strain; one of my favorites. You will enjoy it.

Copy that, will do. She’s outdoor. I will get cal mag right away. Any one in particular? With that said, when will I know when to use ? Thanks!

Update on her…how’s she looking?