Should I remove fan leaves?

Hi guys, happy highday!

My Blue Mango auto has just started to flower but I’m not sure if I need to remove any of the fan leaves? Is this more for an indoor set up?

I’m able to rotate the pots a couple of times a day so all the plant gets the sun.


@lulu2020. I wouldn’t take any leaves just yet where it’s an auto and outdoors.
If bud sites are being blocked then maybe a few here and there.
Autos have a timeline built in and extra stresses can diminish yield and slow the plants growth.


thanks @Oldguy I might just leave her to do her thing :slightly_smiling_face:

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You have a healthy looking plant. I am going to Echo the @Oldguy on leafs. you can also tuck a few leafs an get better light penetration .


perfect, thanks @kellydans !

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Welcome to the community @lulu2020 were glad to have you !

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