Should I get rid off this plant

Hey everyone so one of my Zkittles ended up foxtailing bad and I was wondering should I harvest it just to have some shake or should I get rid of it

I would let her ripen.

Suggest backing off the nitrogen a bit. Those dark green, waxy leaves are a symptom of a nitrogen excess.

Are you managing runoff pH and PPM?


Yea I was thinking at least let it go it’s full course and even if it’s small buds or just a little shake something is better than nothing… also I have been monitoring the ph which it was high and I have been trying to keep it down it is at 7 now. But also this is my first grow so ppm no but I ordered a new ph meter so I would be able to hints old one wasn’t digital . I have another plant growing besides it that is doing way better so it’s not all bad


Like @MidwestGuy said let her ride.

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I wouldnt spend any time trimming it aside from fan leaves and turn the whole plant into fresh frozen bubble hash.