Should I defoliate do some pruning?

Hi Guys

This blue amnesia auto is on Day 54.
It has not shown any flower yet.
Her sister is on late flowering stage now.

I believe she was stunted and stop growing for few days before, but now she looks very healthy.

I water and feed her every 2 days these days with flora gro and she is growing bushy but isn’t growing tall very much.

Should I do some pruning on her?
Advices are appreciatef


I personally would not touch her yet.
Let her grow a bit and fill in the pot.
I usually top at 4/5 th node and defoliate after 21 days after I have flipped to 12/12 and the 21 days after the first defol which would be day 42 from flip to 12/12
Hope this helps.
Happy growing


I wouldnt do any pruning i would wait until she is bigger

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