Should i cut leaves on auto mazar?

Hello people. Should i cut leaves on auto mazar? She’s 43 days old. For more light? Or she need them including harvest? Thanks for advice🙌

A little light pruning may help only to open canopy and let light in

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I took off all the big fan leaves shading bud sites. I wound up with about a third of the leaves that plant has.

And fyi, I would bet your Mazar is going to need a three to four week cure time to fully develop its potency and odor. Mine did, and I was surprised at how long it took.

Thanks :+1: was your also auto strain?

I wouldn’t touch the fan leaves. If you’re pruning anything start low and try bending the leaves out of the way. The fan leaves are like solar panels and nutrients storage.

Yes. The plant can also get about 30 inches tall.

I would not prune an auto either. And that plant doesn’t look to b overwhelmed with leaves. I would leave it just like it is. Or bend and tuck