Should I Bother To Try And Catch Up

I have a thread for you. Explains PH in foxfarms soil. This is why I ALWAYS water soil at 6.8-7.0 ph. The 2 products that I wouldn’t thing about growing without are florakleen and Recharge. When ever I have leaf issues I will water with just these and my plant always come back strong. Floraleen is a yucca based flushing agent that allows the nutrients in the soil to become more available to the roots and recharge is a microbe blend that also has sugars to feed the microbes so they thrive and give your plants the most benefit from their relationship with the roots.
Long before PH pens and TDS meters we grew some weed and some of it was pretty good. Here is some bennificial reading for now.
Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil low soil pH - Indoor Growing / Climate - I Love Growing Marijuana Forum
Good luck and I always say to NEVER give up on a plant!!
Keep it green… :sunglasses: