Should I add nutrients to medium that is preloaded with nutrients

Hi folks first timer here. I planted some autos in 4 2 gallon pots and they are 2 weeks into flowering. I used BudMud I dont sell or promote for them but the thier grow medium got the plants going good and they state you dont have to add anything to harvest. Has anyone had any experience with Bud Mud. Should I compliment with more nutrients for a fuller harvest?? Risk??

Adding anything to an already hot soil will mess with PH levels and complicate the rest of your grow. As your plant grows it will consume different nutes at different rates. Putting anything
into the soil before it’s depleted will make it difficult to identify potential problems at harvest time.

If you’re growing 100% organically you can add whatever you want to the soil because the
soil biome grants a buffer between the plant and the soil.

awesome thx for the guidance

So what’s this budmud stuff and do they sell it in the states? It sounded good I checked the site out but I’ve found most of those companies won’t ship to the US. Also Philly is dead on hot soils from what I can gather don’t need replenished until you harvest. If you’re wanting to reuse he same soil that is I use fox farms happy frog and ocean forest.