"She's" a beast......or maybe he


I’m a newbie. Started this from seed.

Unknown strain
Medium: Fox Farm Ocean Forest
Light: 18/6hrs under SpiderFarmers 3x3’ 240w output LED at 50%
Age: 6wks old

I’ve not put any nutrients in the soil, I topped it last week (limited grow space), I use rain barrel water 1x per week 1-1/2 gallons.

The stalk is thick probably 3cm round, height around 2ft in a 10gal fabric pot.

Curious …girl or boy?
I hear boys are hardy and girls are scrawny. This one is VERY hardy.

Yes she/he is in a foil box atm only because I’m in the middle of tent change.

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Looks like preflowers to me.

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Looks like a girl