Shading Experiment…inhibiting growth of select nodes?

So, for each grow lately I’ve been doing experiments on couple of the plants… some basic stuff like extreme mainlining, trying to FIM the non-primary central stem (failure,) removing fan leaves underneath every other main to see if it really restricts growth, playing w bonsai tools, tying a knot in a main, etc… right now I have 2 quad-lined plants that I’m playing around with… because many of you may not want to take the time to read the entire below paragraph, here is the gist of it… I’m trying to “shade” the center shoots so that the outer ones receive full light and catch up on growth to that of the central shoots… I tried researching shading parts of a plant or restricting growth but found nothing… hoping someone has had experience here and/or could point me to some info on shading or stunting growth of a portion of a plant (or of a whole plant.)

I realize that the next paragraph is confusing and prob hard to follow so apologies in advance… now, after topping and creating 4 mains (looks like a “+” directly from above,) i left the 1st and 3rd node on each of the 4 mains, rather than get rid of the 1st node, like I do sometimes, I left them… I topped all 4 of the mains… 2 of the mains I let 1 more node grow and then topped it (node 4) leaving nodes 3 and 4 to create 4 colas at the end of those 2 mains… the other 2 mains, I just topped at node 3… so that two of the mains produce 2 colas each and the other 2 mains have 4 colas each…. So, not counting the center shoots from the first node of each main, the plant should produce 12 colas… then, with the first node left to grow on each main (2 additional colas each,) there should be 20 colas in total on the plant during flower. If you are still somehow miraculously following along… I’ve been using these plastic LST things that create right angles (they work awesome btw… better than tying the branches down… although I still find a need to tie down in conjunction w using the LST things at times, usually later on in veg.) So, the 2 shoots from the first node on each main (I’ll call these “central colas” from here on cause they are in the center of the plant, closest to the main stem) have taken off in growth compared with the shoots on the end of the mains that I topped (or double-topped.) I’d like for all of the 20 main colas to be growing at a similar pace… normally I would tie down these central colas or even top them, but I don’t want the additional colas from topping and I don’t want additional growth from the lower growth tips if I tie them down… I’ve look EVERYWHERE online to find something about stunting growth… naturally all of the research is done around increasing growth… I’ve on occasion taken plants out of direct light to let them “slow down” a bit so that their buddies could catch up… and I could have an even canopy in the tent, but I’ve never tried shading just a few nodes or colas so that other nodes or colas can catch up… so, I figured I’d give it a try… I pushed the central colas from the first node of each main (8 in total— 2 on each main) down and then put a pot saucer w a napkin in it to create a lid attempting to shade all 8 of the central colas until the outer colas of the mains catch up in growth. I’ll update later to share the results… I also made this post so that hopefully someone could comment and let me know if they have access to any research around restricting growth on part of a plant during veg (or even on a whole plant for that matter…) any/all comments welcome…

The first 2 pics below is the “before” adding the “shade saucer” to the plant in the foreground and the second is obvi after adding it…

I think you have the right idea, dont see why it wouldnt work how your planning on it to

I can’t find the pictures now, I had some that would have really illustrated your point. They were showing my two mains, couple weeks after topping. On the one side, I had removed the fan leaf, and the two branches underneath were growing right next to each other. On the other side where I left the fan leaf, the same two nodes had grew around it. And they were all the same size and same height.

So, I think you have the right idea maybe? Might work better if the container was green though. That’s the signal I think, that it’s time to grow around the obstacle. But I can offer no real proof of this theory.

This is something I been doing for a while when my plant get 3 nods then i start pulling it to the side then as it grows i curve it around the bucket no topping i let all linbs even then start pulling them over

Red mark is main beam