Several questions about soil compared to aquaponics and lights

Questions from a starting grower:

Can you tell what method of growing is better for quality, production, profit margin when you compare soil vs aquaponics? And can you tell me the same when you compare hps 1000w vs full spectrum led?

Hydroponics and aquaponoics will far out grow soil. Hydro just grows faster and bigger. Production and profit margin would be maxed with this type of grow, if you can control it and keep it optimized. However, that is the also the problem with hydro, there is a lot more you need to keep optimum, soil is much more forgiving.

As far as lights are concerned, the LED will save you tons on your electric bill. Many will swear LED won’t give you the production or yeild that HPS will, this is not entirely true, it depends on how the lights are utilized. Not as many people use LEDs and so not as much info is available on how to maximize their use.

Also, as far as quality is concerned, soil is often touted as giving a better quality to the flavor and smoothness of the finished product. And again, a properly balanced full spectrum LED is also known for producing higher quality buds than HPS. A more perfect spectrum means better quality and LEDs are tuned to a much more precise spectra that plants need than can be done to/with HPS. However, MH can also be tuned to a more perfect spectra than HPS, but is more similar to HPS and also has longer history than LED. Intensity means better yeild, and it is hard to beat HPS intensity for the dollar. A better spectrum means quality, intensity means yeild/production.

Happy growing,