Several questions about a few things I’ve read here, but don’t have a clue

What is the purpose of icing down a plant, and when? Second question is what is the purpose of flushing, and how is it done? Are either of those methods required when growing outside?

Flushing is to remove residual salts including ammonium nitrate, it’s done with warm water above 93 f. to melt ammonium nitrate (a less soluble nitrate). Flushing outdoors is basically unnecessary unless you toxify the soil by over fertilizing, especially P, it’s able to bond and cling unlike N and K that flow and pass freely. It’s one of many reasons why one must be preemptively precise when applying the proper amount of P, it’s like spray paint vs. water colors in a thunder storm! It doesn’t just wash away!


Icing down would be to try and mimic the cooler temps in the fall trying to signal indoor grows to colder temps etc.
Some say it increases potency of buds. If you live in a climate that is getting cooler towards the end of harvest nature will be your ice bath.
Not sure if anyone does ice outside or not…

Flush outside only if you run into issues as shatter mentioned.

But I don’t grow outside … laws and all so limited in that side


Thanks for the info guys. Shatter, Skydiver :+1:

There are mid grow flushes and final flushes mid grow flushes should be about 3x the amount of pot size of water ran through it and go back in with fresh nutes final flush is used few days before harvest to pull excess nutes out the plant matter for a smother true smoke … next time u smoke take a look at your ashes if your bowl ash stays black and dark your buds were not flushed properly and there are residuals left over properly flushed buds should be nice and white ash when burned

That’s a new one for me.


It’s cool enough outside in mid/late oct here. No ice needed.

I have flushed outdoor container plants. I’m not sure how one would flush a plant in the ground.

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Ya I have never heard of flushing with warm water

Thanks a lot guys. I’m new to this. I still live on the same farm where I was born. There’s only about four hundred acres of it left, and I own thirty acres of it. We raised cattle, and large field gardens, but never marijuana. I smoked marijuana during my teen years, but quit when I went to work, due to being tested regular. My wife was also in a professional job where testing was frequent. She retired a few years ago, and began smoking some on occasion. I’ll be retiring in about three years, and can’t wait to get that feeling once again. I haven’t gotten high in about thirty eight years. I’m definitely interested in growing for my wife, and I. All advice will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!


Hi @Agentorange :slight_smile: you can definetly start a plant or two for your wife now, growing is a great hobby and very rewarding! I grow for myself and my partner, two of my friends benefit from it as well;) Started to grow because it’s difficult for me to get my hands on the stuff where I live, it’s outrageously expensive and you never know what you are getting and how it was grown:/ Now a year later from first plant till today I had only success mostly thanks to reading this forum and the support from people here.

So I’d say get yourself some good seeds from ilgm and start your journey! Even if you can’t use it yet the growing will give you plenty of joy and excitement in the meantime:)

Good luck and don’t hesitate to tag anyone with a question!

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I got two out of three seeds to sprout. They popped out the ground quickly, but at two days old they broke in two. They were gold leaf autos. I started them in water, then put them in garden soil. I put them in bags outside under a tree where they would receive sunlight around six hours a day. The weather here has been mostly cloudy with light rain, with little wind. Temperatures between 90 to 100 during the day, and at night in the mid seventies.

The purpose is to shock the plant into throwing out more resin glands to protect itself from what it takes to be cold weather.

Flushing removes as many nutrients from the soil as possible so that your plant is forced to consume the elements left inside of it, leaving you with a delicious tasting and clean burning harvest.

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So my question is why, or what did I do wrong to make them break?

Sorry a different question than my original one.

Very high temps for babies.

Thanks, I soaked three GSCE seeds, and got one to sprout. I did get a light(low temp grow) for them now, and controlling the temp at about 74. Is that suitable? I also bought a super sprouter with a T5 dome light for the future.

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One of my plants is flowering but I’m a beginner so I am confused if I should prune leafs at this stage or let it go

Only remove leaves blocking bud site …try and tuck them underneath before you cut off

Another question? When trimming buds, are the leaves that were trimmed off the bud as potent as the bud itself. Are they worth smoking if not? I see lots of photos of the leaves full of trichomes.


Fan leaves are generally worthless for THC but leaves growing from flower do become covered in trichomes. That’s why they’re called sugar leaves.

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