Sensi grow nutrients question

Hello all. I purchased some Sensi perfect ph nutrients another forum member suggested and it says it’s best used with RO water. Does anyone know the difference between using that and distilled water with it? Thanks again for all the information.

Distilled water works just fine. I actually use the sensi line with just tap water (I have low ppm water here) works just fine also. The difference between RO and distilled ? RO probably pulls a tad bit more any impurities out of the water .


You can actually use tap water with the pH Perfect products as long as your starting pH is between 4 and 8. My personal preference though is to only use tap water with the Sensi soil products. No adjustment, no concern. For the Sensi coco products I use RO water as the pH of my tap water is a little on the high end (7.2-7.4) and I would rather be on the safe side.

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