Seeds not opening

I’ve had a lot of my seed germinate but the majority of them are not opening up to let the seedling fully open properly I soak them in water basically follow ilgm guide but it continues to be an issue. Any advice


Try bag papertowel method

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If you went by their germination instructions to the Letter, I would contact customer service if they do not pop. If the seeds did not have a germination guarantee then I would go with the above suggestion. Wet a paper towel or better yet, a coffee filter, as the tap roots will not stick to it. Moisten it & squeeze excess water out. Place the seeds in the center, and fold it over. Place that in a ziplock, or small plastic container with a cap. As air tight as you can get it. Give it 24hrs & see if there’s any progress. If not… give it a few drops of 3% peroxide & leave for another 8hrs before checking again. It should work.
As a last ditch effort, you can use fine sand paper to sand the shell down a little.

If they don’t open up and grow a tail within 48hrs then they have to be older seeds… i had 2 out of 5 super skunk auto seeds that were good … i contacted support and they gave me a voucher for the whole amount… they are great about making things right…

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Ok so they are sprouting the shell of the seeds are
not allowing them to open fully

Put a drop of distilled water on it so it doesn’t get dry. That should help it push the shell off. If it doesn’t push off the shell after a few hours, then you can try tweezers.

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I’m going through the same trouble here. It has been 7 days and no movement with 5 ILGM Northern Light Autos. I must be the lucky one because this is the first time a cannabis seed failed. My dilemma is the window of oportunity to grow is closing fast. Good luck with yours.

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@SMB , try a tea spoon of H2O2 in @1/4 cup of water soak in a cotton ball or paper towel. The peroxide quickly turns into plain water giving off the extra O2 that the seed needs.

You could always just sew your seed straight to soil.

This shouldnt be happening in a way that you can see it. Once the tap is exposed you should be planting in soil, then 1-3 days later your plant will emerge, often with the seed still half closed around the cotyledon. Finessing them off the rest of the way is delecate but easy task. If Im reading your post correctly you are waiting till seed pops off before planting?

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Keep squirting water on it every so often and it will come off on it’s own … i just went through that situation… keep it moist

Waiting until it’s about 1/4 of an inch long before I take it out of the water place in soil slightly cover it they’ll shoot up but stay closed. The first few time I let them go until they died now I have learned to rescue them with whatever tool is in hand. It only seem to be the seeds I’ve gotten on the line

I had rhe same problem on one seed.

Frustrated, I put it in moist soil and forgot about it

17 days later it emerged.

Never give up

Here she is now


I have to assist one or two each grow. Try prying it open, if its just gonna die, might as well try.

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Keep the shell/husk moist and it will come off on it’s own or when you spray to keep it moist… i just went through that situation again lol :laughing:

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I’ll soak for 12 to 24 hours in water. If I tap it and it sinks. :heart_eyes:
Then it’s straight into soil,

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When they send you a voucher code to receive new seeds don’t you have to buy the seeds and then add that amount to the order you just can’t use say the 169 that I received you can only use with your next purchase right ? I dont think if they give credit on say 169 can you buy 5 for a lesser amount and us that 169 or do you have to make purchase then add the 169 to your order

Greetings @WayneS and welcome to the ILGM community. Im not sure how to answer your question, Ive never had a voucher from ilgm for anything. The forum isnt connected to the company, it is sponsored by them but run by growers for growers. You will want to contact ILGM through their website.

Is it just me or are seeds to light to break the surface tension of water?

They are buoyant at 1st because they are dry … they will only sink when they start soaking up the water and become heavy enough to do so…as far as the voucher is concerned you will have that amount to spend on whatever you want from ilgm. For instance they reimbursed me $89 for the super skunk auto seeds that didn’t germinate properly … it was only 1 out of 5 seeds at that time that was bad… i was lost for words when they told me they were going to make good on all 5 seeds… i was very impressed with them for going above and beyond… so i added a little more money and bought 5 banana kush auto seeds for $20 more dollars … hope this helps :pray::beers:

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