Seeds in my harvest?

I have just jarred my harvest on Sunday. I planted Girl Scout Cookie Extreme purchased from ILGM. Probably my sixth or seventh grow. The grow went as normal. I planted Jan 6th. Flipped Feb 24. First day of flower was March 1. Chopped May 5. Hung upside down a week. Sunday was final trim, weigh, and Jar. All good. However during final trim my misses found 4 seeds. 3 of them were not really viable. 1 looked like it was a healthy seed. I realize if it were pollinated I’d have a buttload more seeds can anyone give me insight on this issue.


Spontaneous seed production does happen. Im smoking some Godfather OG and have found 2 seeds. It happens.


A couple of nanners late in flower can easily go undetected and give you a few seeds here and there. If it happens late in flower most of the seeds wont have enough time to become viable.