Seeds germinating

Well I seen that my seeedlinfs were coming along except for one or two in which I think may have planted to deep when I looked at the one I. Particular I see it was off color but it was growing an to be expected but somehow stuck in the soil looped ove like a c letter I couldn’t help but to carefully take a spoon not touching seed and loosen the soil as well as position it back up will the seed be ok

You’re fine. I do it all the time. Sometimes have to help shell off

Think I will be I held it in spoon sterile and I didn’t want u w half assed Info i loosed
Ned the ssoil and replanted at a better depth. I mean I germinated only a few day ago @HornHead

once seed has 1/4" long root…time to plant.

I remove the seed and membrane and plant till head is just at ground level.