Seeds found in my first harvest

Can someone please explain this? I have no males in my stock and finally harvested my first harvest ever.

  1. Did my plant breed itself?
  2. I got random seeds not in a bunch just one or two sacks. Is that normal?
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When photo female plants become stressed, they will turn hermaphrodite, produce pollen, and essentially fertilize themselves.

The stress can be from interrupted lights out cycles, or environmental. Poor genetics increases the likelihood that a plant will herm.



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Was this plant from a different grow? Looks like it was about a month ago.


It was from over a year ago, if I’m not mistaken. But perhaps we now know what became of last year’s seed.

Edit: I misread that. It’s Juneteenth, not June ‘19.

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Some varietals seem to be exclusively monoecious, whether they’re stressed or not.

That’s the “genetics” part.

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I think applying the term “poor” to it threw me off, because the monoecious trait isn’t necessarily associated with lack of vigor or potency to me.

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Yes this was my plant from a different grow, This plant in the pic was cut down

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