Seedlings to tent

At what point do seedlings truly need to go into controlled environment? Like into the tent. Or do some of you actually start in tent from day 1. Thanks and happy 4/20. Coincidentally got message today that my order from ilgm being processed. Feminized mango kush. Even better, my equipment set to arrive tomorrow!! Time to get organized!

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Overly excited I am.

Congrats on the order.
As for seeds going into tent, I start mine inside the tent. Get all your setup going and hang lights at heights accordingly.


Happy 420 to I just said in my case I germinate the auto seed in glass of water and went the seed show 1/2" I transfer to her new home in 5 gl pot on the tent with light on good look

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Ventilation necessary rite off the bat? Tent will be in a conditioned room as well, heat and air, which I find to be a plus. Thanks for your input.

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A controlled environment is more important during the germination/seedling stage than vegetative and bloom stages. You’re asking about tents. The answer is do what you need to do to create a warm and humid environment. And keep it sterile.