Seedlings ready to be put in hydroponic medium or wait a little longer?

I’m a new grower and I’ve been following the basic steps of a new grower. Using a hydroponic grow system to grow my White Widow Extreme feminized. I started my seeds in rockwool and it’s been 8 days of growth. I’m growing 10 plants. The taproots are showing on all but two. I was told to wait till all the roots were showing in each one before I put them in their next medium. But some look like they are weak because of the wait time of the other roots to come through the bottom. I was wondering if I should go ahead and put them all in their next medium or wait till those two plants establish a root system and then put them in all at once??? Here’s some pics of my seedlings. Please give a detailed feedback. I’m a beginner using a super star grow box hydroponic system

That’s more like it if you knew how many people see them sprout and put them straight into hydro only to wonder why they are growing so slow lol. They are doing just fine if you want to leave the 2 out they will only be another couple days behind the reason you want to see tap roots is that if using DWC system getting your roots through the leca to the water is the goal since rockwool will hold lots of water you don’t want it submerged to accomplish your goal. By letting roots go through media before adding to basket you can set water lvl exactly where you want it bubbling up through the leca to your roots but not soaking your rockwool :slight_smile:

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