Seedlings plant

I just planted two seedling but left my stalks above ground should I bury the stalk to the leaves

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Pic’s would help

Not all the way to the leaves, 1 or 2 cm is fine. It doesn’t matter too much so don’t stress

Thank you for the reply’s I was going to bury them but changed my MinD first year everything’s a experiment first time seeds greater my clones

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Bending super cropping on the same plants what ever I can do with these babies pure torture but there taking it very well

One of my seedlings fell over last night replanted a few centimetres from the top leaves still looking good yay!!!

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Just wondering if I can bend or super cropping the main branches at the top

Is it ok to use nutrients left over from the day befor or should you start fresh

What brand? I have some FF trio that i mixed up Sat. Cause i’m going into the hospital tomorrow for a pacemaker. And my wife will feed them Wed. Was told it would be ok for 8 days.

Ok thank you

Yep def ok to use them for many days. You could check the ph after a few days just to be sure. I’ve used mine for about 4 days before it runs out. I had a 220litre reservoir then though. I had an aquarium heater set to 22 Celsius in there. Everything worked out great.

Thank you so much