Seedlings nutrient burn

I’ve got 3 Gorilla Glue seedlings from ilgm. I feed them RO water with a PH of 6.7. They’re planted in FFOF soil which I guess is hot for this strain. I have a 2nd grow mid veg cycle. Same soil when they were seedlings but there wasn’t signs of nutrient burn. They were from the beginner mix pack (ak-47 and bubblegum). I’m wondering if burnt seedlings can negatively affect growth and/or kill a seedling off. I was planning on having 4 GG seedlings but one didnt sprout and I’m thinking it was because the soil was too hot. Let me know your opinions on this and whether or not I should switch to a different potting soil for the seedling phase.

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I use happy frog for seedlings, never tried ocean forest at that stage.

I don’t see nute burn from your photos. Natural light would help.

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Here’s a better picture, this is the worst out of the three. I’m pretty sure its nute burn but I may be mistaken? @AAA

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Could be. I would not sweat it. Pot up when the time comes and then once they are established you can start worrying if you see problems.

FWIW, I have so far done six seedlings from sprout directly into FFOF and had no issues. I’m not saying it’s not possible but in my brief time doing this I haven’t seen it. Maybe you got a “hot” batch?


This is my third grow, the last two times were fine when they sprouted in FFOF but these Gorilla Glue seeds seem to not like it. Maybe I just got some hot cups as I’m using the same bag as other grow which is about 1.5 months old and they all sprouted with no nute burn. Hopefully that’s all it is and doesn’t get worse