Seedling turning away from light

My seedling is 4 days old and the leaves are tilting away from the light.
I am using a Mars TS 3000. I started out with 25% intensity at 18’. I cranked it up to 75 % on the second day and that seems like when it started tilt. I dialed it back to 25% this morning but I haven’t seen any change yet. Please help. Also, can I turn my fans off at night?


Yea way too much light for a seedling. Give it time

Thank you…

It’s very healthy looking, just a little tilt at the top. I would post a picture but i’m afraid of giving out my location. I’m not tech savy enough to make sure the location “thing” is off or how to get rid of it.

You can change your location as needed per profile,

Hello guys my girls are 6 days old and they seem to be turning away from light. I have spider farmer 4000 had light at 24 inches on 75%. Discovered that may be problem, i now have it at 30 inches 45% is that ok. Help Help Help please.

I’m talking about the location that is embedded in the picture when you use an I phone.

This is a very secure site. You can feel free to post pics. :sunglasses::v:

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Maybe rotate the pot?

Cotyledons dont really follow the light as much as fingered leaves… give it some time and back off the intensity

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Thank you, I’m just paranoid…

Your good Brother don’t worry we got your back! :wink::sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

I tried that first, I raised the light to 24" above the plant and this seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks Dino.

Turn off location just scroll the top of the screen down once ir twice and where it says location touch that so its not lit up and ur good turn on the same way just make sure it is lit up afyer u touch it to turn back on.

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And if someone is good enough im sure they can get ur location just from sending text messages or posts here not just thru a picture lol.

Thank you sir…seems like a good group here.

I just installed a new loght scorpion diblo and have to have it almost turned off for the small girls or it toasts up the leaves fast.


When I’m in a spot that I dont have the luxury of changing fixtures or dimming for that matter… I like to put babys in the shade of a larger plant… weather it’s a fernet a rose bush fruit tree what even if I can move it inside and put a a fano it so leaves fluttering… makes perfect "filtered light " for babes… that’s the best outside as well …sunshade of a bigger tree with more and more exposure as they get bigger

Thank you sir…