Seedling Stretching

Hello, I have a lowryder auto that periscoped on Saturday. Pretty happy with the growth so far except I concerned it’s starting to stretch toward the light. I already placed a box in the tent to raise the seedling closer to the light (sounded easier than lowering the light), but wanted to get some additional input from the brain trust here.

The light I’m using is a HLG 260 VS Rspec, which I have dimmed to roughly 1/4 strength.

Does it look like she’s starting to stretch? Does this distance look good, or should I raise it further?

She looks fine to me.

You can use these to make raising/lowering your lights easier.


Yep, looks fine for it’s age.

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Looks good nice start

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The Apollo Adjustable grow ropes are nice. I’ve been using them since May 2018.

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