Seedling medium

First time grower here and i want to do it right 1st time. I plan on using fox farm ocean forest soil. I know this soil has a lot of nutes to begin with so I’m wondering if this is an ok soil to start the seeling process. If not what would you recommend for seedling medium?

Also for my medium for the rest of my plant process what should i add to the FFOF soil for a good medium? I’ve seen many different suggestions so I just don’t know what and how much to mix with it.


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I can’t say what’s “right” but I can tell you what I do:

I start my seedlings in paper towels, move them into small containers of a 50/50 perlite vermiculite mix and then I move them into ffof with a 20 - 25% perlite cut

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Awesome that’s basically what i needed! Thanks.

Glad I could help, good luck with your growing!