Seedling lighting question

First grow in a tent, looking forward to not having to monitor an outdoor grow for bugs daily…

I have a light for veg/flower stage but running a cheap led (Feit 32W) for seedling stage (day 2).

Should I run white & blue? Or just white?

I have it close enough to receive (roughly) 600 lumens or 6,000 lux.


I would run both, until you can get more light. That light won’t be enough to flower properly.
Hlg 132 will flower that plant. Not sure of your size of your space.

Ok, just wasn’t sure about the blue added in.

I have a 3x3x6 tent and have a CLW 250 for when I get past seedling stage. I know the HLG would be a better option… but CLW is what I’m working with for now.

Am I about right on the lumens? Or move it closer further to hit it with a different strength?

I think you’re at a decent height, unless you see the seedling starting to stretch. If it does, you can lower it 10-12” to reduce that.


Also, running 1 plant this grow.
Not sure if I am going to pot it in 5 or 7 gal smart pot. Diesel strain

5 gallon would probably be plenty.


As always, Thanx for your guidance.

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I run that light for about a week or two once germinated seed is dropped into soil at 5” from the plant. After a week or two I put the plants under bigger lights.

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Great to get feedback from someone with that light. You also run white & blue on that light? Or just white?

You want that blue too. You’ll want to set that light aside and go bigger after a few weeks or you’re going to get a string bean for a plant.


Thank you and yep, got another light for 2 weeks from now

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Switched out lights after about a week and ran the 200w about 3’ above seedling. It liked it.
Running about 2’ distance now and plant still seems to be healthy but It’s getting a little sunburnt and not sure if a plant this young is going to like sunburn on it’s stems yet.
Raise the light a little? Or run as is?

@Covertgrower @BobbyDigital
Raised light a couple inches but the plant grew an inch or so too so probably no change lol

Leaves are kind of tweaking, not sure if that’s from the light being too close or it’s just doing what it do.

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You can see it in the pic from 2 days ago as well but circled here…

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Those leaves will stay like that. I have one doing it too. Not worried about it

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Thanx, appreciate the feedback

Need to raise up a bit