Seedling light height

Hey all, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on light height and have found quite a bit on the subject.
I have a 4x4x6.6 tent 600W mh/hps setup.
Everything ive read talks about the light height from the canopy but I’m soaking 5 seeds as we type and I can’t find anything about light height from seeds. Am I over thinking this and need to use the normal guide lines as I’ve read or is the 12-24 inches going to be good for seeds?
Thanks for any help, I appreciate it.
P.S. wish me luck,lol

About 24 inches should be good @Irish.

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Good luck

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@OldSkunk thanks for the response.
Just checked my 5 WW autoflower and 2 have hatched in the first 24 hour soak. I’m thinking of putting them in paper towels now or can they go straight to my dirt?

Personally, I would put them straight into the soil, but a lot of people like to do the paper towel thing - i don’t think it’s necessary.

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I’ve thought about that but heard good germination with water so I am giving it a try. My next grom I’m my seeds will go straight to dirt. Thanks.

Some of us use hydrogen peroxide in our water to germinate then straight to Rapid Rooter pods. I have had 98% germination success using this method.

All of the seeds have a nice tail after 36 hours


Man thos look great.
Mine are right at 29 hours and I’m starting to see the tap root puching through. I’ll definitely have to try your method with a germination rate as high as that. Very nice. :slight_smile:

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I did a thread called perfect germination method if you follow directions. The credit goes to people on this site like @TDubWilly and others. It was worth a couple of $10 seeds to find out. The Rapid Rooter pods will boost your success rate and grow rate if you use Rapid Start solution too.

3 week old WW auto


I also soak. No paper towel. How much H2O2 for germ? @OldSkunk

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1ml to 50ml. That’s why I use those little shot cups from Walmart. I marked them with all my strains and use them over and over.


I use Rapid Start too, grows the roots fast but to expensive to use for the whole grow


Thank you @OldSkunk , @boardsbird

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Just remember that you don’t want to leave them in the water for more than 48 hours. From my experience if the seed hasn’t opened by then it’s not going to.


Can you use rapid start for clones or do I need cloned specifically?