Seedling Leaning

Looking ok.
I am sure it will do fine.

Hope you are fine please see this i have gave one more diet with same quantity what do you think should i increase it for the next time because its been 3 weeks now but progress is still too slow.

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Hello @BOY360 and I hope you are doing well.
This is a photo of two plants, seeds put into the dirt on the same day(Oct 1).The one on the left is Afghan #1 from ILGM, the other is Northern lights from Premium. They are both the same age essentially and have tremendously different progress. But both are healthy :slightly_smiling_face: each seed will have its own genetics that show up, even when lighting, medium it is growing in, and nutrition are the same. Give her a little time and keep giving her the nutrition and love she needs, she’s will succeed! Good luck!! You are doing a great job.


Thank you so much for your support :slight_smile: i was in stressed these days. Because thinking of slow growth need to know one more thing what light cycle are you following? And what what nutrients are you using…

I have both General Hydroponic and Foxfarm. I went back to GH this grow. I like it a little better, but I do grow in FoxFarms happy frog soil. I understand you can’t get it where you are, but a lot of us in this forum like the foxfarm soils for our grows.

Okay i understood… i an using flora series type 3 with calmag so according to the flora series i would have to feed them by feedchart or just be gentle to her with limited nutrients?. And is it okay make it 12/12 would it be enough for her because here electricity is getting costly day by day…

Seedlings do not need much nutrition right away, but they need some. @Spiney_norman is the best resources for growing in coco, follow his advice on this one. As far as 12/12, I just learned yesterday some growmies have done successful grows with starting 12/12 at the start for lighting. The plants are smaller, and grow and yield like an autoflowering plant, but they do still produce. You won’t get pounds off the plant but if you are attentive it should still be rewarding.

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Today is 23rd Oct and its the progress of my plant. Please see. There are some white hairs coming out of the plant is it started flowering??? Because its too small for this

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I do not see the white hairs in your photo. However, if you turned your lighting to 12/12 like you had mentioned before that you might need to, it could have flipped your plant to flower.

I am following according to 18/6 and its auto flower…

This issue is comping up now what is the reason of this burning and what should i do?

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@Spiney_norman please help…

What is the temp in your tent?
Might need to back off the light a little.
Its a balancing act to get the light correct sometimes.
How much and how often are you watering and feeding now?

I am feeding her with week 2 diet. And light about 17 inches away and i am watering her once a week and temperature is 25 to 27 degree celcius.

How much water at a time?

I gave water normally with 10 to 15 sprays but last time a use a whole spray bottle

I think you need to water now normally.
Mix up your food and water the soil till it runs out the bottom a good amount.
Water by pouring the mix directly into the soil. Dont spray it on.
Right after you water feel how heavy the pot is. When it gets light again water the same way.
I have a feeling your plant has no root system. Its been searching for water and maybe not finding it.
With a decent watering the plant will fill up the whole pot with roots in a matter of days.
Its the only thing I can think of as to why its not growing. Growth on top is based on growth below ground.

Perhaps raise the light 6 inches to stop the heat stress. Once it gets a root system going it will tolerate more light.


Light is now 22 inches away. Should i remove these burned leaves?


Not yet, the green thats left will feed the plant.
Its starting to grow well. Keep it up.


What should be the light distance? From now on

And please tell me about topping why people do it? And what are its benefits??

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