Seedling laying flat

Can anyone tell me what is going on here? My seedling looks like it’s dead. It didn’t stand up. It’s just laying there flat with the seed still on it. Should I start over? Should I put a light on it?

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How much have you been watering?

I didn’t water. I made a soil block, planted the seed in it, put it in it’s final pot and put a dome over it. I planted it yesterday morning. It’s barely been 24 hours

I’d give it a couple days, it should right itself. A little bit of water will help tell the root to travel downward. I usually keep my sprout soil a little wetter and once the first true leaves pop up go to a dryer soil. Good luck!

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I just covered it with a little more seedling soil. Should I mist it, or mist the dome?

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I would put the water to the soil, a shot glass worth or so. Try not to disturb it too much, but at that stage the root should not get damaged with a little soil movement but try to be careful. I have a few waywards that need a little extra encouragement with each grow. It’ll figure itself out.

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Ok. I covered it with a little more soil, and very slowly dropped water on it with a pipette.


It could take 2 to 3 days

Yeah. It just didn’t stand up when it broke the soil. It looked like it was sprouting sideways. We’ll see what happens