Seedling damage

Hey everyone, this is my second indoor grow and I noticed a calcium deficiency last week. So I rebuffed some coco and replaced it, then I did a cal-mag foliar spray. The plants started getting better then they took a turn. I am not sure what to do. Any help would be great. Thank you guys

Nitrogen toxicity and over watering.

@Covertgrower Thanks for the quick response. I was under the impression you couldn’t over water in coco coir because it still allows oxygen to hit the roots? Is watering once a day with a ppm of 550 too much or is once a day good but lowering the amount of water per feeding better? To combat the Nitrogen toxicity should I flush and lower my nute regiment? Thanks

I would only water once and skip a day. Coco is pretty forgiving on too much water, but your plants look like they’re over watered. Just let them dry out for a day and see if the perk up a bit. 550 isn’t a lot, but it just looks like that strain is a little sensitive.

@Covertgrower awesome thanks again. Last question if you dont mind. The nitrogen problem could that be caused by rainwater (I feed my plants rainwater that I filter through some gravel, sand, and activated carbon, my tap water is too hard) or more likely a bad mix in my nutes? I really appreciate your help, thank you.

Rainwater will be fine. Nitrogen is caused by however much you add in.