Seedling closed up like fly trap

Good afternoon ILGM! Gotta say real quick that I love this site, the staff and all the support. Mac,Latewood,Robert and Claire are top shelf!

I purchased 3 fem WW seeds, tossed 1 in a peat pellet as instructed by a worthy YouTube video and voila! 2 days later a beautiful sprout. I placed the still moist pellet/sprout in a plastic cup with organic soil (70/30 soil to perlite), then placed in grow box under 2 6500k 23 Watt cfl’s. (approx 3-6 inches away). Lights are 18/6 since sprout and watering with spray bottle mist until top good and moist when needed.
Seedling is about 1.5 in tall with no new growth in over a week. Sprouted on July 17th. Ph is holding between 6.3-7.0 and I have a small fan blowing against a wall for bounce off and circulation.

Thank you in advance!

I should add that the 1st set of true leafs did open all the way after moved to the plastic cup with soil, then slowly, each day, closed up more and more until what you see in the pics. It has been in this state for 6 days with zero “visible” change. Did I start too early with a stellar , nutrient rich soil?
Will she pull through if so?

Many thanks!

To add, I did water once thoroughly, 2 days ago, as the soil was dry and cup was very light. She was closed up at the time, so I watered enough to get runoff but no more. Drainage was good.

Your ph is kinda high at 7.0. 6.0. 6.5 is what you should shoot for.
You dont have to feed in till she has 5 sets of true leaves.
But with rich nutrient soil as you stated I would wait longer to feed her any added nutrients.

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Thanks for the reply, Garrigan!
Yeah totally…I have not fed any nutes at all. Ph’d bottle water only so far. I’m wondering, though, if the soil I used was just too strong for the lil lady? I have read since, that you should never throw a sprout/seedling right into quality, nute enriched soil. Thing is, she is still very green, very upright. Puzzled…
I haven’t “fed” any nutes, but perhaps the soil was too much at this fragile stage.

Thanks again!

I think you are right about the soil
Can you pick up some soil just for seedlings.
I have picked up small bags at home depot.
You should transplant her asap add a tsp of root shock
And tsp if hydrogen peroxide to gal of water. Ph your solution.
Add some to the new hole place your plant and cover and add a little more solution and you’ll be fine

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Thanks again for the reply!
Ya know…I’m reluctant to transplant rt now, cuz she’s so small still, and I’m just beginning. However, if that is my only option then I’ll totally go that route. If I can get a “second” from Mac or Latewood then I’d feel even better with multiple experts in agreeance. No offense :wink: and thank you again for the support. I truly appreciate it.


No offense taken I agree completely.
But I do think it’s your only option at this point.
Iem going to keep an eye on your post t see what they have to say.
They do know there stuff, hang in there my friend they will answer.
I have been growing WW for four years now and I mostly grow clones.

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Good stuff, Garrigan.
Your expertise is greatly appreciated (I’ve read lots of posts). You seem to really give a sh*t and I can totally dig that. Many thanks.

Cheers mate!

Thank you Dignan, and iem sure you will help me one day.

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I know it’s not recommended but have tried gently spreading them apart with something like tooth picks.don’t know if it will help but it may be worth a shot

What does the hydrogen peroxide do?

Helps provide oxygen to the roots

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Yes, it is likely the soil is way too nutrient hot for a seedling.

H2O2, hydrogen peroxide will add some oxygen to the roots, but that is not necessarily why it is used or added, it is at least as much usually used to kill anaerobic microbes, or potential pathogens that tend not to like oxygen rich environments, of course after the H2O2 interacts with said microbes, killing them in most cases, it releases hydrogen and oxygen into the area and the roots can then make use of it.

I want to make a point about all the adding H2O2 advice I’m seeing to pop up in abundance lately. H2O2 is not always a good idea, it can throw off your micro-biome in your reservoir or soil, killing good microbes along with the bad. Also at the really low dilution ratio that comes in most general store or your average corner store pharmacy won’t usually cause any problems when used even liberally. But people need to understand that, and not get confused and buy the much stronger H2O2 at hydro stores or some other outlets that could be so much more concentrated, you really need to be careful, not much different than the safety precautions you should be using when working with your pH down, phosphoric acid or sulfuric acid.

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Thank you Stoner for explaining how it really works. It was never explained to me the way you just did.
I only use it for transplanting and then it’s only 1/2 to a tsp to a gal of water and like always it works great.

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No problems, and thanks for holding down the ship when Latewood and I are away :wink:

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Well your welcome and thank you. I try to help others when I can.
That hydro growing I know nothing about and won’t.go there lol
Tutto go another Dr. Visit…
P.S besides. I love this place!
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