Seed source in Hamilton/ Halton area

Where can I purchase seed for a planned out door grow. New

ILGM sell seeds.


But they don’t ship to Canada…

@Jerbri I ordered seeds from theseedfair (dot) com (can’t link directly!). They are out of Vancouver but will ship anywhere, even to the US! The arrived within a week, got what I asked for and most have germinated (I did cook a few sprouts with my stupid heater pad - my bad, not theirs!).
Made sure I hit the $100 so I didn’t have to pay shipping. Paid by credit card and got my 3 free seeds, I specified WHAT strain I wanted for those, even chose the expensive Dutch Treat seeds and that’s what they gave me as freebies!
Good luck, happy growing!

Hey Spudgunner
Thank you so much for your reply. I was beginning to wonder if I was posting correctly.
Can you tell me what seed you ordered? I will order the same unless you can suggest something for a total newbie.
I am really focused on this and want to proceed
Thanks again

@Jerbri here’s what I ordered. Made sure I got free shipping! They give free seeds, number depends on how you pay. I used MC and got free. I added what I wanted free in the Note section. Requested and got 3 of their more expensive ones!

Bruce Banner Auto Flower Cannabis Seeds | Bruce Banner Strain - 5 Seeds $60.00
Dutch Treat Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Dutch Treat Strain - 5 Seeds $65.00
Subtotal: $125.00
Discount: -$25.00
Shipping: Free Shipping on orders above $99
Payment method: Credit Card - 3 Free Seeds Option
Total: $100.00
Note: Ava at customer service told me specify the 3 free seeds I wanted in here…I would love to try 9 Pound Hammer Feminized Cannabis Seeds if possible

Order came within a week. I killed a few seeds with my heating pad but all but 1 so far have germinated. I don’t know how long your season is, but by the time you get them and germinate and get them ready to the size for outdoors, mid-June? Autos will bud at about 4 weeks regardless of light, makes for a quick crop, whereas photos will wait for waning hours of light before flowering, do you need to worry about frost? Or rains like me!

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@Jerbri how did you make out? Did they arrive yet? Just curious!