Seed help. 3 questions

So I pollinated a blue dream and a white queen 9 weeks ago with corleone kush. My questions are do you know when the seeds/plants are ready to be harvested?
2. Do I have to flush a plant that’s purpose is for seeds?
3. Do I have to dry the plant like normal?
The picture is of 1 seeds that kinda fell off when I was looking to see if they had seeds

Thanks again for all the help


Do I wait till the plant starts dying like I would with bud? Do the seeds have to be dark brown?

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I’ve only seeded out two plants (both on purpose)… I literally just let them die on the vine. The seeds don’t have to be dark brown, but the darker color indicates their maturity. Not all strains produce dark seeds. Some produce tiger striped seeds:

I didn’t know if there was a specific time when they were ready either, so my thought was to just let them go until they died off… then I cut them down and threw them in a cardboard box (I took off the big fan leaves, otherwise put the plants hole in their own cardboard box)… and I dried them whole.

Once dried, it was easy to get the seeds out… half of them just fall out.


First, I have never pollinated a crop to produce seeds so I would say wait for others with more experience to answer these questions before adjusting anything you’re doing currently.

Vader on YouTube is a master grower who pollinates seeds so maybe check his channel out for reference points. It is my understanding that you flower the females that have been pollinated as normal, waiting for pistols to turn and tricombs to progress to milky/amber ratio as desired. Then dry as you would with normal bud (this process will make removal of seeds easier and I’m sure they will turn more brown in color as your slowly remove the chlorophyll). I’d think leaving the majority of the sugar leaves untouched (dry trim) will prolong the dry and give the seeds time to lose chlorophyll.
Flushing of course will help in this process as well but I doubt it is needed as much since you won’t be smoking the flower. If your comfortable flushing and have good results thus far timing it out before harvest, I’d go with that.

Sorry I don’t have concrete info to pass along due to my inexperience but I’m sure there are some master growers here who can help. Maybe wait for them and check out some YouTube channels of OG growers to get an idea from them. Never hurts to cross reference experience! Hope this helps in some small way - good luck!

Questions - did you pollinate with true males or hermaphrodites to get feminized seeds?


I really don’t see any reason to flush because your only after the seeds.

After the pollination process is complete, you can expect to see mature
seeds anytime between four to six weeks later. To make sure the seeds are
ripe, grab one off of the plant and squeeze it. If it breaks, then the
seeds will need more time to ripen.

You can also typically see if a seed is right depending on its color
and patterns.

If it’s no longer lighter in color and completely solid, it should
be good to go. Ripe seeds are usually a dark brown. Also, a lot of
seeds tend to garner stripes when they are ripe, which is another
tell-tale sign it’s ready to be harvested. However, not all strains
have striped seeds, so make sure you use the other indicators as well.

But if everything checks out, then you’re free to start rooting
around for all the seeds the plant may have created.


I got the pollen from a friend of a local hydro shop owner . Don’t know if it’s a true or herm female. Good question… my next batch are my males. Will be white widow x granddaddy(male) and white widow(male) x blue dream

I think the other’s have you set on the seeds themselves. Your question about flushing, some people don’t flush at all. The plant will not be ideal producer since you seeded it, but some people will still use the flower produced for things like extracts. If you plan on trying to do that, i would proceed with finishing plant as if you were going to use flower.

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like the others r saying…
the seed is ready at the end of their normal cycle, 15% or more amber trich’s.!

if grown properly there is no reason to flush a plant.!!
in the last 2-3 wks they just need less fert’s.!

if u harvest at 15% amber trich’s, yes, dry as normal,
if u wait for 75%+ amber then u can harvest the seed without drying,
like Bogleg said, its much easier to collect the seed if they r good and dry.!

if u plan on smoking the seedy bud just do everything as normal, collect the seeds that fall out naturally and the ones from breaking up the Sticky Green Bud.!!