Second year, still very new

Ok, last year was my first crack at growing. Grew 4 plants outside in 20 gallon plastic pots.
Got a late start, 3 to 4 weeks late. But I/they did well. Last year bought clones from my son.

This year I’m starting from seeds. I already had a dome and tray from germinating my Tomato plants over the years.
Dropped seeds in water for 14 hours, then paper towel for 2 days and then put them into their riot cubes. POOF, next morning they were above ground. Off to a good start. Tons of articles saying get lights on um right away, some say wait a day or two. Well heck, I gave them 12 more hours of darkness then put my T5 lights (4 bulbs @ 35 W each) about 6 inches above. To hot right out of the gate. Raised the light a little more, still to hot, 85 F. So, I took the dome off, some say do, some say don’t. Temp is @ 72 F
ph water at 5.8, ppm 275, no nutes. EC was at .6 ish
The cubes dried out over night. I watered them a little heavier. Next morning cubes still damp/wet.
I noticed a slight lime color. Deffenitly different from yesterday. Only 2 of the cube seemed dry, PH’ed the water and let sit at room temp then eye dropper till they were moist again.

I think I might have over watered them the other day. So, I turned on the fan to increase air flow and get some of the moister to evaporate. But my RH is rather low, getting a reading of 45% RH.

Just sharing thoughts. On day 7 since first germinating


If you can see roots coming out the cubes it’s time to repot them.

Thanks Cmich.
I peeked at the roots today. Several with roots coming outta the cubes. Ill get on it starting tomorrow.
Thanks for the heads up. I knew that was my next step, just thought it was to early but sure enough, they are out of the cube.