Second time grower, White Window Sessions

Hi guys!

Kontaktytan is back and starting up his second growing attempt.
I’m going to try applying what I learnt from the first one.
This time I’m growing 4 plants, feeling confident the yield will be increased.
I have also teamed up with a friend and we have split up the plants between us.
The lightning has been upgraded to a Mars Hydro TS 600 LED from a 50W generic LED.
2 IP cameras has been installed to take photos for a time lapse project I’m trying out.
Measurements of soil moisture, EC, LUX and temperature will be recorded by a Mi Flora Sensor I’m using for the first time.
We appreciate any tips or comments you can give.

Germination will start tomorrow.

Stay tuned…

Best Regards,
Kontaktytan and friend


  • Mammoth PRO 60 60x60cm (24x24")
  • Mars Hydro TS 600 LED
  • Intake fan TT100
  • Outtake fan VKO100
  • Carbon filterHY-Filter, 250m3/h (8750ft3/H)
  • 2 IP Cameras - Timelapse photos
  • Mi Flora Sensor - Soil moisture, EC, LUX & temperature


  • 4 Royal Queen Seeds - White Widow feminized
  • 4 Pots - 20x20x25cm (7.9x7.9x9.8in), 6.5L (1.7gl)
  • Golden Label Special Mix - Soil
  • Golden Label small nutrient kit - Soil
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Good luck ,I’ll be following along🥴

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I posted this in the wrong forum and will move it to
GrowJournals, White Widow Sessions - Second attempt

Hi @Oldschool82 i have moved the thread to White Widow Sessions - Second attempt .

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