Second Grow, Mango Smile Auto

The is 1 of the 7 strains I planted as part of my second grow. I am at day 63 since sprouting and the general guidance is that this strain take 75-90 days. This is an organic grow in earthboxes with living soil under a SPYDR Fang 630W light. During flower I tried keeping the PAR value around 800 using an Apogee par meter. I didn’t PH anything this grow and sometimes filled the earth box with water straight from the hose. I did transplant and high stress train. I cut off all the lower nodes and any branch that looked like it wasn’t going to be productive. I will likely wait at least 2 weeks if not more to see if the buds fatten up. I am in no hurry this time around.


I think you got something there.
L👀kin g👀d to me


Looks like some :fire::fire::fire::fuelpump::fuelpump::fuelpump::fire::fire::fire:

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