Scrooged Or Bent?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I was wondering can the auto bloom plants be scrooge or bent during growth.”

yes they can be scroged and bent LST I think is the best for autos they are on a time schedule so any snapping and breaking of branches takes time to heal and takes away time from forming buds A lot of people top there autos when they’re young I think @Hogmaster has a lot of experience with autos he can give you more info than me :v:

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Your best bet on training an auto is low stress training when you get in to snapping or bending ruff you have a great chance of your plant hermi so scrog and lst is what I recommend you also have to remember whenever you go to top if you decide to it. Your taproot from growing so the plant will not really grow any bigger but it will grow bushier you can always Fim your plan as well or just let it go natural they knew well that way to I’ve never been disappointed and just letting it go natural