Scrogging for the first time

New to scrog. This is my grow room I set up to scrog. I do plan on building a hydro. system, but for now I will try with soil. I have 3 seedlings almost ready to transplant. I can use some advice on this set up. Here are some picks. Any advice is welcome . Thank you…

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Plants are definitely ready for transplant and the setup lools good only thing id recommended is a better light as i dont feel that light wont be adequate for your grow


i have to say the picture quality is on point, it caught the lights shining down, looks like a firework show

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What light are you using?

Thank you for your input. The light is made by KIND it’s an XL750 full spectrum. The picture shown is with the light on white @80% just for the picture. With this light on its preset phases you would need glasses to work in this room. Light is one of my concerns, but there are so many out there . I usually prefer the best equipment I can afford. I would like a led light with presets and total control through WIFI. This light has all that at a 4x4 foot print. I would like this kind of light that would cover a 5x5 flower footprint. But that’s hard to find. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Your setup honestly looks good besides the lighting impo and as far as wifi controlled i dont recommend them as 1 i only know of 1 company that has lights like that and 2nd its 1 more thing that could fail

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When is the best time to add my 90 watt flower booster i am 1st week of flower now

Thanks, as a matter of fact the WiFi did start to fail recently. That’s why the lighting is a concern of mine. Any suggestions on a LED light that has pre programmed grow cycles with at least a 5x5 flower footprint. I can live without the WIFI.

There is no need for any type of pre program features you just want a good unit with dimming give me a minute any type of budget in mind as a light of that size will run a fair penny

I understand the money. Anything around a 1000.00 I would consider. I’ve seen cheaper ones with 5x5 prints but I also want quality.

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Here’s 2 options that fit your budget

Grow light science

Horticulture Lighting Group

Spider farmer SF4000, SE7000, SF7000,
Mars Hydro FC-E6500 ,FC-8000,
HLG 650R, Blackbird, Scorpion Rspec, 600Rspec

These are all really good models that would accommodate that space plus some

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My first picks would be any of the HLG lights tho as they are top of the line units

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Thank you, I will do my research.

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Here are my seedlings transplanted successfully, sleeping peacefully.

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Here’s where I am now, two weeks after flip.I have a question for anyone who may know and would like to share. I have been using FF products since I started this adventure/new hobby. Well my garden supply store ran out of my FF/Tiger Bloom for the flowering stage. I was only able to find a different organic blooming stage fertilizer, it seems to read as a quality product. Let’s just say it’s Buddha bloom. My question is whether or not I can use the Buddha Bloom with my other FoxFarm fertilizers with out putting stress on my plants. I thought maybe it’s like switching baby formula trying to find the right one for your baby without getting it sick…

Filling in nicely…

Thanks for your opinion on the lights. After reading more on them I decided to get the 2023 HLG Scorpion Diablo. Should be here next week. Thanks again for your advice…