Scrog scrren height

This is my first grow and i was thinking of putting my screen 10in above my bucket is this too much?

Not too much necessary… just depends on how you train it into the net


Don’t forget about access for watering and trimming under screen. I’ve seen some use a lil less and some have a lil more.
Mine is at 11 in above rim of pot. That gives me enough room to tip up the gal jug without interference. :v:


10 inches is minimum, 10-24" above the pots is typical in a normal grow,
if u have a short grow tent then u might want it lower…???

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Another thing to consider is how big are you going to let them grow and then what your stretch for flower will be. Then making sure you have enough height for the light to be raised so you won’t burn. I have 4x4x6 tent my net is set at 22 inch with a 5gal air pot under it it gives me like 12 or 14 inches of space you can also get different style pot and container to if your height restricted. Hope this helps you

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Yeah; really it’s better to figure out your target height in the space and work backwards from there.

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