Saving over dried harvest

how can I save my OGKush that I over dried. I just put in some lettuce into jars with harvest. Will this save the flavor, to mention the potency, or am I screwed. Can I still use it for cookies, brownies, etc.

Over dryimg; If you mean a couple to a few days, and you find the buds too dry; You can add fresh green marijuana leaves to the bag. Lettuce will probably work but, I would watch for mold etc…

Potency will not be lost. In fact; If you place seemingly over dried buds in a sealed glass jar; There may be enough moisture left in the inner part of the bud to allow the moisture to even out. Good Luck. :slight_smile:

I have used apple peels and or an oranch peel but like Latewood said, watch out for mold check on them offen. and you’ll be ok


All those things will work and normally shouldn’t cause a problem, but fruit peels often harbor tons of mold spores and so a safer deal would be to buy some of the humidity packs for cigars. These are clean and sterile and won’t introduce anything bad to your curing bud while keeping it from drying out too much.

Great idea Stoner…I never would have thought of that and that would eliminate mold control RIGHT?
This is why I keep coming back every day cause I lean something new every day.
Once again Thanks for all your help and all your knowledge.


It will help reduce the chances of mold, but mold spores are everywhere naturally. So you still need to keep an eye out and burp the containers if things are getting too moist.

Yupper. nice idea. :slight_smile: I would still use a fresh fan leave if I had one. :mrgreen:

Your right Stoner, I’ll check the jar’s twice a day to air them out, and i’em going to flush them for two weeks. Like Lakewood said…just think how it will be if I like it now. Thank you both for everything. You all have been very helpful. It’s to bad we can’t send you two a sample of your grow you both deserve it!


Don’t you know we would love that! :slight_smile: No worries. We love to help. Glad you are happy with our support, and we look forward to future posts about your success. Peace

I found some humidity packs for cigars on amazon. They come in different “Relative humidity” %/ levels. any suggestions?

That is kind of neat. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

@irma1010 good stuff here