Sativa Auto Attempt

I have seeds on the way for a home trial and tribulation funtime . Some Russian ruderalis seeds and two African sativas. Senegal from Landrace Team and Ciskei from Tropical Seeds. I want to dust them with pollen from the rusky auto from Tartastan. I want to grow a couple later for stash but first things first . These particular sativas are a little earlier than most African . How long should I veg ? One month ? They don’t get tall either . And can I grow them just long enough to produce the seeds that’s all I want from my first batch .


Thank you

Yes I’ve done a little research that’s great knowledge. It’s a perpetual quest . Thank you so much

I was looking at that Jamaican Longtime on the website :+1: I’m relatively new to indoor so it’s going to be nothing but learning and some cussing I’m sure

Do I keep pollen from the original male to pollinate the next generation ?

You do if that’s what you want to do.

Even if you start on 12/12 the plants won’t produce flowers until they are mature, which is usually 4-5 weeks. Sometimes running on short light schedule takes a little longer, so i would run them on veg schedule for 3-4 weeks and then go to 12/12.

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I think that’s the safe bet thank you . Patience is number one with something like this to get the best results . I could use male pollen from these African plants to cross with already established hybrids I suppose as well .

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