Same seeds different look? Any ideas…?

Soils a bit hot. That something I try to avoid. Start a seed in better medium before transferring it to a hot bigger pot.

That wee one may bounce soon. Takes them a minute when they are overwhelmed. Use the weight method to water. Can’t over water that way. Best of luck

Welcome… Hmm its hard to tell…they dont look bad really…Theyre still young…What kind of light are you using? What kind of soil? Seeds have different pheno types like siblings they all come out different despite being from the same parent (strain)

Natural sun, 12 hour light. Is a mix of farm fertilizer aka farm dirt an cow manure, miracle grow an filler to give roots something to grab hold.

Id stay away from the M.G. but since they’ve takin root already let them grow…Just wet around the plant …Its hard to tell from the pics if they are over watered but they look like they’re on track…They’re still young so keep at it! keep us posted…
Good Luck!

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Day 18 I was underwatering them, the water by weight has worked beautifully… I understand I am still a good distance away, but a buddy told me I could train the plant to only produce large top cones instead of a bunch of small buds. Is this true?

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And also putting a dome of some kind over them while young what exactly does that do bc I’ve seen tons of pics but I don’t understand why.

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Hi DanB seedlings like humidity.
My house is very dry, low 30%'s RH so I use a dome. For about a week.
With RH in the mid-40%'s and up my leaf shapes improve, especially young plants.
I think in the 60%'s RH is recommended for seedlings but check that. Yours are beyond that stage anyway so it’s goin good.

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I do 50/50 inside out side. Natural sun and bring them in bc temps drop under 65f at night. But watering I am purifying tap water an letting it sit then mixing it with rain water. I am very green to this but trying my best.

IMHO dont keep moving them back and forth after a week or so, they need to get use to enviroment , I personally give 3-5 days to get use to it by lengthing time everyday and then kick them outdoors, sink or swim, don’t know your location, I am in NL Michigan, my outdoors girls where in 37f 2 weeks in to life, and we still get 47 f every now and again. Mind this is how I do it YMMV right or wrong, it has worked for me.

I’m in NEPA, about 2 hours from NYC. It’s currently illegal but they working on a bill. So I have to be careful. That’s also why I keep moving them. Will that stun the growth also? If so I will make the investments into grow lab in basement with autos

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Should not just as long as the enviroment is close, outdoors is never a steady go like indoors, I have both going now but this will be the last summer tent grow I do, we are allowed to grow 12 here in Michigan and tent grow in winter is so much steadier.

It’s only about 6ft of movement taking them in an out everyday. I’m going to try them outside tonight an see how they do. I might be starting my autos if they die lol.

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Your plants look good. Happy growing. I concur, that the outside temps will not harm the plants.

Security reasons, that’s another story. Planting them behind a couple tomatoes, seems to camo them pretty good. People seem to have their eyes drawn to the foreground. Especially if they are all tied up in tomato cages. If you have a decent rosemary plant those are good too. They are evergreen and have spear shaped colas too. And if you rough them up (rosemary) smell pretty strongly too.

Ok thank you for the advice. When is the best time to start LST? The orange pot has a nice thick stem but not sure it’s tall enough or even how to do it. Wanna try to keep them under 4ft and only top cones. Was told that’s from doing LST.

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Or let them get 4-6 and supercrop them.
Here is a short vid from a member that can torture plants like no other.

Everything seems to be going just fine outside, just as y’all said it would. Will keep y’all updated on them and thank y’all very much for the help.