Salt build up? Any ideas

Strain northern lights/bag

Soil fox farms happy frog

System type?
cfl in grow box
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?
What is strength of nutrient mix? N/a

Light system, size? 4 cfl 60 w equivalent in 1.5x2.5x3 box

Temps; Day, Night
60 to 80

Humidity; 47 62

Ventilation system; open face box

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, no

Co2; no

So my leaves have intervenial chlorosis, small pen tip sized brown/black spots toward tips. From bottom up new growth is thin leaves. Slightly canoeing leaves after watering. Temp at 73 of water. The crazy thing is a made mynown air pot. And i litteraly have salts on my holes and the topnof the soil is whitesh. Im pretty sure i need to water threw good. But my ph says 6.3 on run off? Any other ideas. Before i seen salts i thought nitrogen. These plants just got put in ff about a week ago and loved it. New growth and all.these have been around for a few weeks inhad some problems at the begging with temps. Gona water threw maybe give one gh floracious. Any input is appreciated.

Flush with 3 times the size of your grow pot , 1 gallon will be 2 gallons , 3 gallons will 6 gallons , etc !
Multiply it times three please !!!

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It seems t
O MPE your pH is a bit to hi.
Should be in the 5.3 5.6 for DWC but I’m a soil guy and all my info. Was lo
st on my other tablet So this by memory.
And I believe your temp is a bit hi at 73 degrees.
But someone will jump in.
I do think I’m close to your problem.


Well i done a good watering for them of gave one a very small dose of nutes. The next morning things are looking better. the green is coming back. Im going to take this as a sign they need nitrogen so il start a working towards a regular feeding.