Saggy marijuana leaves

A question from a fellow grower:

Why would my leaves and stems sag?

hi…its hard to say without seeing them as could droop,wilt,sag in different ways at different stages of the growth…im not an expert but from past experience i myself would have a guess and say that it could be the most common 1 thats if your growing in soil it is poss due to you over watering…you only need to water around every 4-5 days…when the top 1-2 inch’s of soil feels dry then water, test with your finger, if it feels moist leave it for couple more days…pour water on plant until it starts draining out of the bottom…they dont like it too wet…moist is best…hope that helps… G

Yes, droopy or sagging leaves could be a symptom of various diseases at the root zone. Most often droopy leaves are because the plant needs water, but it certainly could be from overwintering as well. If the soil doesn’t dry out adequately between watering, the roots will kinda start to rot and or die off, this will reduce the amount of water being sent to the rest of the plant resulting in the droopy like look. Severe stresses of other types may also cause the leaves and plant overall to look droopy.