Safe to say another week?

This one has been in flower for a long time… i harvest the other 3 plants 3-4 weekss ago… not sure what kind got seeds from a friend… I’m thinking about a week away before harvest
20201114_200650 20201114_200643 20201114_200634 20201114_200625 20201114_200612 20201114_200557 20201114_200543 20201114_200539 20201114_200509 20201114_200451 20201114_200406 20201114_200404 20201114_200401 20201114_200347 20201114_200315 20201114_200300 20201114_200258 20201114_200251

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Depends on what you want - for me Id harvest now because I like milky white. Not really into the couch lock feel. Of course if using synthetics you’ll have to flush so would wanna start now for a week out anyways. Looks great!:+1:

What did you use to take those pics?


used my samsung [Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and USB Microscope Digital Microscope 40-1000X Magnification Microscope Camera Portable Handheld Microscope with 8 LED Lights, Metal Stand for Android Smartphone Windows Computer i got off amazon about ($20)

Here’s a sample I took off about 2 days ago but I don’t smoke this stuff so have to give it to my brother-in-law to checkout.


They look good to me too but I’m avoiding the couch lock feeling as well.

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They look perfect for harvest to me. Right at sweet spot.

I use a digital microscope and man is it is ever hard to get that thing steady for a shot. Great photos!